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Designsounds has built a staff that is second to none—world-class sound designers, programmers, and recording engineers. With over twenty years of experience recording sound source material, producing CD ROM sample libraries, programming synthesizers and samplers, and working in sound design for film, we offer a comprehensive solution specifically aimed at independent project work.

Our custom, proprietary sound-sculpting software far surpasses commercial sound tools, providing unique applications that solve many sound design issues with guaranteed results. The awesome flexibility of our state-of-the-art sound generating tools ensures originality.

Designsounds is a customer-driven, project-oriented company.  Your independent sound design project has specific needs, and we handle them all for you. Our experience and skill, our custom libraries, and our network of international designers are all at your disposal.

Our field recording staff is constantly adding to the extensive Designsound library. We also network with existing sound library developers to ensure that we have the best quality selection possible.

Additional services include:

• Formatting and converting project data to and from a variety of digital formats.

• Data archiving and long-term storage solutions.

• Pressing (burning) and package printing services can be arranged for both CD and DVD.

• We can secure any sound library license* and negotiate royalty fees for our clients (*U.S.).

•  Complete project planning and budget estimates.

•  Free consultation!  Contact us and let us show you how affordable customized sound design can be.

Our award-winning engineers come from the foremost industry manufacturers, most notably Kurzweil Music Systems. We work with name designers—from electronic musical equipment manufacturers to record and film producers—and now, we can work for you. Your project needs and deserves this professional edge!

       From Concepts to Final Designs

      • Start by consulting with our design team to  
        determine your project’s exact requirements
        and costs.

      • You can expect the highest quality audio,
        produced meticulously and customized on a
        per-project basis.

      • Custom sound processing tools and powerful
        sound generating components ensure creative,
        original designs.

      • Turnkey services include archiving, format
        conversion, and mastering options.

      • Our custom sound libraries offer a wide variety
        of exceptional content. We can also provide
        libraries developed by other design houses.

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