We specialize in independent projects!
Professional results start with professional experience

We have access to world class recording facilities,
producers, and sound designers across the U.S.

Our primary services include:

Data formatting and digital conversion processing
Audio data restoration and de-noising
Archiving capabilities


Let our award winning staff design for you:

Signature 'audio logos'
Individualized sound effects and musical tracks
Custom sampled instrument libraries
Unique multi-effects for just about any application
Let us mix or master your next project

Specialty design services include:

  • Folly creation
  • Post production audio sweetening
  • Creating music content for audio clips or audio soundtracks
  • Designing effects for 5.1 surround applications
  • Custom voicing and programming for synthesizers, samplers,  machines, and computer based audio systems (VSTIs, VIs and plug-ins)

Additional services include:

  • Burning and duplication services
  • Packaging and design capabilities
  • Networking, promotional services
  • Archiving off site services

We can deliver MIDI or audio tracks, design sounds for your hardware or software platforms, or for specific projects. We can design specialty effects, and even mix your projects in 5.1 or 7.1 surround to suit your needs.

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