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Designsounds' software tools arsenal includes custom and commercially released sound creation, recording and processing tools.

We continually upgrade and add to our suite of virtual instruments, plug-in effects, and restoration tools like the new Waves Restoration and Antares Auto Tune & SoundSoap Pro just to name a few.

Our sample CD libraries for the Kurzweil platform number in the hundreds and include titles from Spectrasonics, Sonic Implants and many others.

Our computer based titles include the most popluar titles from Native Instruments, Arturia, Synthogy, Steinberg, Propellerheads, Apple, Celemony, Antares and many others.

Our outboard effects are also impressive as is our vintage microphone collection (Neumann U-87, AKG 414, Sennheiser 421, EV RE20 and more).

We do on site recordings as well; we created a custom sound FX library on site for
off Broadway production of The Ministry of Progress at the Jane Street Theater.

We're busy in the theater! We were selected to program the synthesizers and drum machines for All Shook Up (based on the Music of Elvis Presley) on national tour. We programmed the synthesizers for The Ring of Fire (based on the music of Johnny Cash) that ran at the Barrymore Theater on Broadway. We programmed all the synthesizers and electronic drums and drum machines for Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman's
Whistle Down The Wind (that recently completed their US national tour). Just recently, we completed the programming for A Tale of Two Cities, working with David Rosenthal, that ran at the Al Hirschfeld Theater on Broadway.

                       State of the art tools ensure professional results.

Designsounds' in house production suite offers a broad range of superior hardware tools. Designers can choose from among vintage and cutting-edge tools.

• I/O Interfaces
• VSTIs – Native Instruments, Steinberg, Arturia,
Propellerheads, MOTU, Synthogy, and more
• Designer Tools 
Vintage Keyboards 
Signal Processors
• Quality Gear
(many others)
• Quality soft tools by Waves, Bias, Celemony, 
 Antares, Apple, Celemony, Camel Audio,   
 Synthogy and more
• Computers  
Macintosh & HP
• Digital Audio Platforms
Logic Audio, Digital Performer, Cubase,
Pro Tools M-Powered, Ableton Live
• Virtual Instruments by
Arturia, Native Instruments, Camel Audio,
Ableton, Sony, Steinberg, DP, (titles include
Reaktor, Absynth, Reason, FM8 II, B4 II,
CS-80 v.2, Modular Moog v.2, Minimoog v.2, Prophet V v.2, Mach 5, Kontakt 4, MX4 II, and many legacy titles as well)
• Virtual Instruments by 
Creamware Scope (a complete suite of synths,
samplers, processors),
• Signal Processing Plug-ins by
Waves, DP, Yamaha, Celemony, Antares, Apple, Bias, and others
• Outboard Hardware Signal Processors such as Lexicon, TC Helicon, Orban, and others
• Hardware instruments by
Moog, Kurzweil, Oberheim, Yamaha, Sequential,
Roland, Korg, Nord, M-Audio, Hammond and more
• Monitors by
Genelec, Tannoy, KRK
• Hardware Recorders by
Tascam (HR-45 24 bit DAT, DA88) & Fostex

Here, the classic and the virtual meet side by side.
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